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Time Decoder 2021 Monotype, acrylic, collage, stamp, pencil on paper, series of works


Time Decoder Alarm Clock 2021 Objects, Monotype, series of works

Time Decoder, monotypie, monotype, acryl, mixed media, world, numbers, lines, pencil, collage, contemporary art, mia diener, system

Time Decoder 2020, Monotype, acrylic, collage, stamp, pencil on paper, series of works


Map A5 - Z2 2019, Road Map, collage, stamp, pencil on squared paper, series of works

worldformator, installation, shredder, video, audio, mia diener

Worldformator 2018, Video and audio Installation, Video 4:57 (short version) loop, shredder

das vermächtnis vom weiertl, installation,hörspiel, radio play, phones, telephone, mia diener

Das Vermächtnis vom Weiertal 2017, Audio Installation, Radio Play 10:56, telephone

shift, drawing, monotype, countries, map, world, borders, ellipse, mia diener

Shift 2016, Monotype, collage, acrylic, stamp, pencil on paper, 85 x 184 cm

home sweet home, installtion, birdhouse, video, audio, cat, watch out, mia diener

Home sweet Home 2016, Video and audio Installation 1:06, birdhouse, security cameras

world of fuzzy, installation, drawing, world map, nails, fishing line, shift, mia diener

(it's) TIME 2016, Installation, 140 scratch cards , alarm clock (4 prizes), digital- and screen printing

World of fuzzy 2015, Installation, map of the world, pencil, fishing line, nails directly on the wall

the house No. 15, radio play, telephone, phones, installation, audio, mia diener

Das Haus Nr.15 2015, Audio Installation, Radio Play 10:49, telephone, school chairs

nexus, installation.monotype, painting, triangel, map, animals, time, mia diener

Nexus 2014, Monotypie, acrylic, collage, stamp on paper, series of works

hörspiel, radio play, telephone, phones, installation, audio, mia diener

Telephone! 2014, Audio Installation, Three radio plays, telephone, school chairs

die abrechnung, the billing, calculating machine, installation, video, crazy, mia diener

The Calculation 2013, Video and audio Installation 3:23, calculating machine, cash roll, table

doxa, mixed media, monotype, collage, painting, mia diener

Doxa 2013Monotype, acrylic, collage, stamp on paper, series of works

park the system, installation, egypt, parking lot, video, audio, mia diener

Park the system 2010, Audio and video Installation 10:00, platform (parking lot)

vekaufte transparenz, sold transparency, installation, light object, map, collage, mia diener

Sold transparency 2009, Luminous objects, mixed media, collage and stamp on antique maps

day drawings, tageszeichnungen, mixed media, mia diener

Day drawings 2008, Flashcards, oil color, various pens, stamp, series of works 365-parts

shift the wrld, map, world map, painting, stamp, mia diener

Shift the world 2011, Acrylic and stamp on canvas, series of works

yverdon la mutatio, installation, painting, new, city map, yverdon, mia diener

Yverdon-la-Mutation 2010, City map, acrylic and stamp on canvas, Survey report


liebe freunde, dear friends, leters, cairo, egypt, time, painting, handwriting, ink, mia diener

Dear friends 2009, Photocopy, oil color, handwriting, ink on paper, series of works 30-parts

self-made the new reality, instllation, drawing, map, light, mia diener

Self-made the new reality 2005, Installation, wall collage, slide projectors, series of drawings

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